Pay Per Click - PPC Campaign Management

Selser Media can create and manage your PPC campaign. A successful PPC campaign requires strategic use of keywords and phrases. Utilizing web analytic tools, we’ll select the keywords and phrases best suited to your target audience, budget and website. Next, we’ll create an advertisement with strong calls to action. On average, 20-30% of users select paid search results, so effective PPC advertisement requires focus and clarity to get their attention.

How PPC Works

Pay per click or PPC advertising refers to the advertisements displayed in the paid results section of search engines. Advertisers bid on target keywords; the more competition for the keywords, the more it costs to have an ad displayed when the selected keywords or key phrases are entered into search engines. The advertiser is charged when users click on the advertisement which then links the user to the selected website page. PPC can be a fast, effective way to increase the traffic and conversions on your website.

Once a user has clicked your PPC ad, they are linked to a page of your website. The most common mistake we see with PPC advertisers is neglecting to create a target message on that landing page. We’ll make sure your landing page is tailored to generate the desired results and once the PPC ads start generating traffic, we’re able analyze visitor behavior and make adjustments as needed.

You control the cost of PPC campaigns by setting a daily budget. A PPC budget can be limited to $1 or $1000 per day. Once your daily maximum has been met, the search engine no longer displays your PPC ads.

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